News and Festival in Umbria

ASSISI. SERENATE E CANTI SACRI MEDIEVALIUmbria is really full of Folklore Festivals:

During 2013:


  1. CALENDIMAGGIO, ASSISI, 2 to 4 May: Dressed in medieval costumes, two quarters of the town compete against each other singing religious songs and chants through the streets of Assisi.


  1. CORSA DEI CERI, GUBBIO 15 May: Competition of strength between three districts who run through the medieval streets of Gubbio balancing a statue, historically a candle, of their own Saint on their shoulders. The winning team is that with the least errors on arrival at the Basilica.


  1. Festa di Santa RITA: 21 & 22 May at CASCIA: Religious procession to celebrate Saint Rita of Cascia with traditional antique market and local products on sale.


  1. CANTINE APERTE 26 MAY 2013: Wine cantinas/cellars open day, a tasting heaven!


  1. INFIORATA: 1 & 2 JUNE 2013: From 4pm on the 1st June 10 groups from the districts of Spello cover the streets of the town with dried flower petals, creating the most amazing tapestries. A panel of judges decides which of the pieces is this years winner before the town is reopened to visitors who can appreciate the works of art before the religious procession passes over them destroying all that was.



Each “rione” has its own tavern, which opens to the public every evening during the period of the Quintana, serving typical dishes from the 1800s.

On the 15th of June there is a fantastic procession where the locals dress in costumes from the 1800s followed by the big race……. The 10 districts (rioni) of the town race against the clock on a figure of 8 circuit for the “giostra della quintana”. The horsemen and their steed have to hook 3 rings, hanging on a statue in the middle of the figure of 8, onto their lance as quickly as possible, the fastest rider wins. Other competitions taking place during the Quintana are for the Drummers and the Archers. Not to be missed!


  1. PicNic A TREVI, 8 & 9 June: A picnic with a difference. Starting in the old town centre you follow a route which takes you through many beautiful olive groves, stopping at various prearranged areas where local produce is served.


  1. MERCATO DELLE GAITE, BEVAGNA 20 to 30 June 2013: The 4 taverns of the town are open every evening and on Sundays the town-folk dress in medieval costume re-enacting antique craftsmen.



  1. FESTIVAL DEI DUE MONDI, SPOLETO, 28 June ‘til 14 July: Well known festival of music, dance and theatre. Entertainment and performances every evening.


  1. UMBRIA JAZZ: PERUGIA 5 TO 14 JULY: the whole town comes alive to the various jazz performances by individual musicians and groups from all over the World.



  1. ANTIFESTIVAL: 20 to 30 June TREVI: Local and national musicians come together to offer events every evening at Cannaiola, in the valley beneath Trevi. Tavern and fast food available.


  1. PALIO DELLE BARCHE- 20 to 28 July, PASSIGNANO sul TRASIMENO: Medieval festa with various rituals such as the consignment of the keys of the town and the burning of the castle, a re-enactment of course!


  1. FUGA DEL BOVE: end of July to the 19 August 2013, MONTEFALCO: Typical Summer festa with the taverns of the 4 rioni open every evening and various medieval competitions. All ends with the drinking game “filomena” and traditional local songs not forgetting the big Bull Race where 4 bulls representing the 4 quarters of the town are pushed along a course, the fastest winning!


  1. MOSTRA DEL LIBRO ANTICO: end August, CITTA’ DI CASTELLO: an exhibition of the oldest books in Italy.


  1. GIOSTRA DELLA QUINTANA LA RIVINCITA: 1 to15 September, the same competition as in June but with a variant, on the opening of the games there is also the Fiera dei Soprastanti (street market), where life from the 1800s is re-enacted with games from that period. The race is held the afternoon of the 15 September.

Foligno is also host during this time to the Festival dei SEGNI BAROCCHI with

artistic shows and music from the Baroque period.


  1. I PRIMI D’ITALIA: 26 to 29 September, FOLIGNO: some of the most renowned chefs in Italy prepare their best pasta and rice dishes in the taverns used for the Quintana. Following a guided route you can savour all of the delicacies prepared.


  1. GIOCHI DELLE PORTE: 26 &29 September, GUALDO TADINO: typical town race where donkeys race along a course and the fastest wins. The taverns are open and there is a small medieval procession with a tug of war competition and archery.


  1. OTTOBRE TREVANO, TREVI. First weekend until the last weekend of October. Each “terziere” has its own tavern, which opens to the public every evening during the period of Ottobre Trevano, serving typical dishes.


5/6 October 21.00: Historical procession with locals from the 3 districts dressed in costumes from the 1200s accompanied by medieval music followed by the main event, an evening race against the clock between the 3 Terzieri. 20 young men have to drag/push an antique cart from the town gate to the main square. The race is recorded with cameras along route so the crowd in the tribunes can follow every step on large tv screens. The fastest team to reach the square and ring the town clock bell wins.


12/13 OTTOBRE: GUSTA TREVI: traditional local dishes are prepared and sold in the main square to dine “all’aperto”. In the evening there is a competition between the Terziere Drummers and the following day between the Archers.


19/20 OTTOBRE: TREVI SAGRA DEL SEDANO NERO DI TREVI E DELLA SALSICCIA, protected by Slow Food of Trevi, Sedano Nero (Black Celery) is on sale in the main square from a variety of different farmers. You can taste it at the main stand, raw with some oil, pepper and salt! Sausages and chestnuts are cooked on the grills to welcome the arrival of Autumn and the coldest period of the year where the Trevani typically closed themselves in their houses, abandoning the countryside, to prepare for the Winter.


26/27 OTTOBRE: TREVI RAPPRESENTAZIONI DELLE SCENE DI VITA MEDIOEVALE, a striking historical reconstruction of medieval life where you follow a route through the torch lit streets of the town, to see craftsmen at work, street theatre performances and listen to traditional songs of the time. The great grill is lit in the main square where you can buy grilled sausages, chestnuts and taste the Vino Novello!


31 October to 3 November, TREVI – FESTIVOL: Festa of the freshly pressed olive oil of Trevi, now considered one of the best DOP Olive Oils in Italy!


17. 31 October to 3 November, MONTONE – FESTA DEL BOSCO: all of the shops in the town are decorated as small specialist mountain workshops where you can taste the local Autumn produce and buy local handcrafted products.


18. 31 October to 3 November, ASSISI – UNTO: Olive oil festival where you can taste some of the finest Umbrian oils available.


19. 31 October to 3 November, CITTA’ di CASTELLO – White Truffle market & exhibition


20. 31 October to 3 November, GUBBIO – Black Truffle market & exhibition.